JER Social Media Rollout: Hashtags to Know and Love

Catherine E. Kelly

Hashtags to Know and Love:


If you follow social media closely, you may already have seen these hashtags in your feeds but I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to them and to Dr. Nora Slonimsky, the inaugural Social Media Editor for the Journal of the Early Republic.

Nora has been working closely with Will Mackintosh at the JER Panorama to overhaul and expand the JER’s social media presence, anchored by our new Facebook page, The JER Panorama, and by our new Twitter account, @TheJERPanorama. These spaces will be the ongoing e-home for both the journal and the digital platform.

The hashtags offer a glimpse of what’s in store. #JERSpotlight will alert you to forthcoming articles, keep you up to date when new issues drop, and offer bonus content, like the Martha Honeywell images you might have noticed the past few weeks. #JERchives will help you connect past content from the JER to ongoing discussions of scholarship and politics in the e-verse and in more traditional intellectual settings.  #PanoPreview will make sure that you are up-to-date with the JER Panorama, which amplifies and complements the traditional journal. (If you’re curious to see what that looks like, you could do worse than to read Brenda Stevenson and Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor discuss the strategies they use to grapple with teaching the trauma of slavery. Or take a look at the growing collection of SHEARites’ #NEHStories.) And the #JERSummer17, which will change, predictably, as new issues drop, will showcase the journal’s current content, and hopefully inspire ongoing discussions about the new articles. You’ll also notice that the journal’s seasonal colors on the twitter and Facebook pages will change along with this hashtag.

We think that all of these ventures will contribute to exciting, ongoing conversations about our work and about the Early Republic and offer us more and better ways to connect with JER readers and authors. We’re looking forward to adding more campaigns in the coming months, and can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

21 June 2017

About the Author

Catherine E. Kelly is L.R. Brammer Jr. Presidential Professor of History at The University of Oklahoma and editor-in-chief for the Journal of the Early Republic.

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