Archive for: A People Armed

A grayscale drawing of a big blocky building with columns on the front, with people standing and walking in the street in front of it, and a church in the background.
A picture of an elderly man taken from behind. He is wearing a cowboy outfit and firing two revolvers at a series of targets shaped like human torsos in a sandpit.
A line art engraving of a man with his back to the viewer holding a long knife and pistols in his belt facing an open cupboard with a small man cowering inside of it.
A political cartoon showing a soldier labeled "White League" shaking hands with a KKK member in full robe and hood over a and image of a black man and woman and a baby cowering with the label "worse than slavery.”
Engraving of two men dueling in a forest, each with a second in a topcoat trying to stop them, with a coach in the background half hidden in the woods.