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Counting Care

Nicole Lee Schroeder explores the historic and contemporary implications regarding how data on disability is collected and discussed.
James Iredell, head-and-shoulders portrait, right profile

The Pope and the Treaty Power: A Strange Incident in the North Carolina Ratification Debate

In a new companion piece to his latest JER article, Robert Smith discusses some of the unusual ways that religion came into play at North Carolina's Hillsborough Convention in 1788.

The Language of Race in Early America

Alexander Boulton considers the evolution of language and its impact on ideas of race during the Revolutionary era.

Echoes of Spanish-Mexican Women in California’s Constitutional Debates of 1849

In 1857, Maria Natividad de Haro de Tissol petitioned the Fourth District Court of California to appoint a trustee over her separate property.
Print of a room full of men in 18th century dress sitting at desks deliberating the constitution.
A miniature portrait of a thin white man with dark hair wearing a formal black coat and a white shirt with a high collar.
A line drawing of a large building set back from a grassy waterfront with small figures moving about in the foreground.
Tinted lithograph of a blacksmith in a bowler hat in his shop striking iron on the anvil while a boy works the bellows and another man shoes a horse
An engraving of a man bound, blindfolded, and seated in a chair facing a firing squad, with a priest on one side of him and a solider on the other.
Black and white aerial photograph of a brand new sprawling subdivision
A round printed emblem with an enslaved woman kneeling with her wrists shackled and the words "Am I Not a Woman and a Sister"
A modified early 19th century cartoon of a sailor standing on a dirt road. He has a question mark over his face and his speech bubbles says "Are you looking for me?"
A grayscale photo of an old portrait of James D'Wolf
An image of a legal form, partly printed and partly handwritten, with a seal in the lower right corner.