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A lithograph of a girl about 10 years old sitting and holding a small chalkboard for doing figures.
Engraving showing a bird's-eye view of Eastern State Penitentiary from 1855
Engraved portrait of John Jay
Image of Athanasius Kircher's Turris Babel from 1679, which is an engraving of the Tower of Babel.
Tecumseh Helped Me Find My Voice
The Past Becomes Personal: Writing and Teaching During a Global Pandemic
Teaching Removal with an Expanding Archive
What!?! Nudity in the Bible!?!
Nativism, Conspiracy Theories, and Mobs in Federalist America
Engaging Historiography: An Interview with Andrew Shankman and Johann Neem
How Teaching Taught Me Why My Research on Early American Education Mattered
Where Are the Women? Women Investors and Family Economic Networks in the Nineteenth-Century United States
States, Not Nation

States, Not Nation

Constructing Western Expansion: Reframing Settler Colonialism as a Negotiation
The Young America Movement and the Crisis of Household Politics
Slavery, Freedom, and the Fourth of July
Marietta Falls: Rufus Putnam, Big Larry, and White Settler Nostalgia
Vilification and Erasure: The Story of Indigenous History in The Pioneers
How Should History Make Us Feel?
Next Steps

Next Steps