Newspaper image of Louisa Picquet.
Madame Restell's Mansion
Cartoon of Madame Rastille's practice showing a bunch of women in veils having a conversation.
A grayscale photo of an old portrait of James D'Wolf
An image of a legal form, partly printed and partly handwritten, with a seal in the lower right corner.
A lithograph of a girl about 10 years old sitting and holding a small chalkboard for doing figures.
An engraving of the old jail and marketplace in Boston from the early 20th century.
Engraving showing a bird's-eye view of Eastern State Penitentiary from 1855
Engraved portrait of John Jay
Image of Athanasius Kircher's Turris Babel from 1679, which is an engraving of the Tower of Babel.
From Sea to Sea: The Northwest Passage, Early America, and the Push to the Pacific Ocean
Many Americans, Many Pacifics
Pacific World, Atlantic Assumptions
The Power and Peril of Geographical Paradigms in Early American History
Tecumseh Helped Me Find My Voice
The Past Becomes Personal: Writing and Teaching During a Global Pandemic
The Supernatural and the Mundane in Depictions of the Underground Railroad