Lithograph of a river flowing from a lake through a prairie with a few houses on the banks and some boats.
An engraving of a man bound, blindfolded, and seated in a chair facing a firing squad, with a priest on one side of him and a solider on the other.
Black and white aerial photograph of a brand new sprawling subdivision
A technical looking drawing of a primitive steam engine.
Photo of an easel with the blank canvas overlook the seashore.
A round printed emblem with an enslaved woman kneeling with her wrists shackled and the words "Am I Not a Woman and a Sister"
A modified early 19th century cartoon of a sailor standing on a dirt road. He has a question mark over his face and his speech bubbles says "Are you looking for me?"
Cartoon of Madame Restell and Mrs. Bird accompanied by a skeleton.
Newspaper image of Louisa Picquet.
Madame Restell's Mansion
Cartoon of Madame Rastille's practice showing a bunch of women in veils having a conversation.
A grayscale photo of an old portrait of James D'Wolf
An image of a legal form, partly printed and partly handwritten, with a seal in the lower right corner.