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SHEAR 2016: Graduate Research Seminars

SHEAR is pleased to open registration for the 2nd annual graduate student research luncheon seminars.  Reserve your spot for a free catered luncheon facilitated by two senior scholars in the field on Friday, July 22, 2016.

These seminars permit grad students and senior faculty to discuss common themes, important areas of research, and the challenges faced by scholars in the field.  Conversations in each group may turn alternately to subjects like archives, methodologies, and important secondary literature in their area. Best of all, these seminars help participants to network amongst like-minded scholars, and to find potential partners for organizing panels for future conferences.


  • The program and lunch are free, but you must be registered for the conference.
  • You need to be currently enrolled in a graduate program or have received an AY 2015-2016 degree.
  • If necessary, preference will be given to those who did not participate in last year’s graduate seminars and who do not already appear on the conference program.


  • Capitalism, Labor, and Political Economy with Ellen Hartigan-O’Connor (UC Davis) and Joshua Rothman (University of Alabama)
  • Slavery and Race Formation with Thavolia Glymph (Duke University) and Craig Steven Wilder (MIT)
  • Women, Gender, and Sexuality with Kathleen Brown (University of Pennsylvania) and Erica Armstrong Dunbar (University of Delaware)
  • Politics and Political Culture with Francois Furstenberg (Johns Hopkins University) and Rosemarie Zagarri (George Mason University)

Each session is limited to 12 students. We will try to assign participants to their first choice; but if that session fills early, we will try to accommodate participants in other sessions. For the best chance of participation, complete the form (found at the Annual Meeting tab on the SHEAR homepage) by June 1 and email a one-page dissertation abstract to