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Will Mackintosh
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Tell your #NEHStories to The Panorama

Have you had a transformative professional experience courtesy of the NEH?  If so, The Panorama wants to tell your #NEHstories.  Have you had an important archival experience as a result of their support, and do you have a story to tell about important findings, important moments, important connections, or important insights?  Have they funded a breakthrough experience as a teacher or a student, and do you have a story to tell about a meaningful pedagogical moment, a meaningful public history project, or a meaningful moment of engagement with other students or practitioners of history?  The Panorama is looking to publish a flurry of testimonies about the professional and intellectual importance of NEH support over the next few weeks.  These posts will be a forum for us to talk about ways in which the NEH has been important to our work—defined however you care to define it—on a personal level.  If you are interested in contributing, please email  Posts should be <500 words, be accompanied by 1-2 images that we can legally use on our site, and follow the JER’s “author guidelines” as much as possible.

24 May 2017

About the Author

Will Mackintosh is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Mary Washington and the founding editor of The Panorama.

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