Reminder: Register Now for Today’s Inaugural Virtual SHEAR 2020 Plenary

Centre Square Philadelphia, published by S. C. Atkinson for the Casket.

Hello SHEARites!  This is a reminder our Inaugural Virtual SHEAR 2020 Plenary:  The Politicization of Andrew Jackson starts today Friday, 17 July 2020 at 2:00 pm Eastern

If you wish to attend the webinar, you must register here:  You will then receive a unique-to-you link to join the meeting.

Please note, if you have submitted a question, you must still register.  They are two separate processes.

Today’s plenary will feature Daniel Feller, Professor of History, Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, and Editor/Director of The Papers of Andrew Jackson at the University of Tennessee will present his paper, “Jackson in the Age of Trump,” which focuses on Donald Trump’s embrace of Andrew Jackson as his presidential model and how this has made Jackson a centerpiece for debate. Jackson has become, on both sides of the current political divide, in effect a stand-in for the American historical legacy. One side celebrates him as the progenitor of full-throated nationalism and insurgent populism, while the other condemns him as the archetype of American xenophobia, bigotry, and racism.

Neither of these portraits has much connection to the real presidential Jackson. Both reduce him to caricature not only by stripping off subtlety and nuance but often by the propagation of naked error. While Trump celebrates Jackson for purportedly raising tariffs and rattling sabers, critics decry him for originating Indian genocide, conducting public policy as personal vendetta in the Bank and nullification controversies, and propounding a uniquely vicious and virulent racism.

The panel will be chaired by Jessica Lepler of the University of New Hampshire, and Vanessa Holden of the University of Kentucky will serve as the host. Comment will be provided by David Waldstreicher, Distinguished Professor of History, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, Harry Watson, Atlanta Distinguished Professor of Southern Studies, University of North Carolina, and Jeanne T. Heidler, Professor Emerita of History at the United States Air Force Academy and, together with co-commentator David S. Heidler, the co-author of The Rise of Andrew Jackson: Myth, Manipulation, and the Making of Modern Politics.