This Week on the Panorama: SHEAR Leadership Spotlights (and get in those nominations!)

It’s nominations period to determine who’s on the ballot for SHEAR’s next slate of annual elections! Your nominations and self-nominations are due to the Nominating Committee by March 8This year, the Nominating Committee is especially driven by wanting to present the most diverse and inclusive ballot we can to you, our members, to vote on, as we collectively strive to take SHEAR in positive new directions. But what exactly is the Nominating Committee, you might be asking? Who’s on it, again? And what has SHEAR’s leadership been doing since we heard so much from them last summer?

As we on the Nominating Committee prepared this year’s Call for Nominations, we were struck by the realization that to many current and future members of SHEAR, the work our organization’s various committees do might be opaque or downright mysterious. So this week, as we enter the final week of this year’s nominations cycle,  in the spirit of increasing transparency and visibility, we’re running a “Meet SHEAR’s Leadership” Series on SHEAR’s social media and The Panorama. Follow along this week as we introduce the current leaders of SHEAR, starting tomorrow with the Nominating Committee (or “Nom Com,” as we affectionately call ourselves). We promise that by the end of the series you’ll know who we are and what we do at every level of SHEAR’s leadership.

Stay tuned for more on who we are and please keep those nominations coming!