Another Year, Another SHEAR

View of the Colleges, at Cambridge, Massachusetts. Samuel Hill, 1790.

This message is from Doug Egerton, Annette Gordon-Reed, Andy Shankman, and David Waldstreicher:

Thanks for attending the 2019 Cambridge conference.  We know you join us in appreciation for the superb work of all the people on the Program Committee headed by Frank Cogliano and Sarah Pearsall, the Local Arrangements Committee headed by Kate Viens, and others who put together such an invigorating and memorable conference.  We heard many excellent papers, and we hope that those of you who gave them will consider sending them on to Andy Shankman or David Waldstreicher, co-editors of our Journal of the Early Republic ( or  And if you heard a great paper and thought, “Wow, I wish that were published so I could read it carefully / assign it to my students,” please let David or Andy know so they can follow up.

Looking forward to seeing you next year in Philadelphia!
Doug, Annette, Andy, and David