Three SHEARites Honored for Distinguished Service in Cleveland

The SHEAR Distinguished Service Award recognizes generous and enduring service in behalf of the goals and programs of the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic.  It recognizes the kind of institutional service and commitment without which voluntary societies such as SHEAR cannot thrive.  This award documents such contributions “for the record,” and expresses the appreciation and thanks of the current membership for the work of long-time servants over the life of the organization.

Criteria for nomination include an outstanding record of service to SHEAR, significant contributions to scholarship in the history of the early American republic, and other evidence of commitment to the promotion of education and public discourse. Nominations (via web page forms) shall be presented to the president of SHEAR by February 1.

Individuals Honored in 2018 at the Annual Meeting in Cleveland

Daniel Feller, Professor of History, University of Tennessee‒Knoxville, and Director of the Papers of Andrew Jackson, in recognition of thirty-seven years of loyal service to the historical profession, to higher education, to our understanding of Andrew Jackson and his era, and to SHEAR.

Barbara Oberg, Senior Research Scholar in the Department of History at Princeton University and Editor Emerita of the Papers of Benjamin Franklin and the Papers of Thomas Jefferson, in recognition of her leadership in a pivotal moment in SHEAR’s history and her dedication to the organization.

Special Service Award

Amy Baxter-Bellamy, SHEAR’S Executive Coordinator since 2003, in gratitude for fifteen years of service and her devotion to SHEAR.