Survey Strife: Transparent Pedagogy as a Multiracial Woman in the Classroom
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#NEHstories: Cathy Kelly
#NEHstories: Ben Wright
#NEHstories: Martha Hodes
#NEHstories: Cassandra Good
Semi-formal headshot of Mark Boonshoft with a smile on his face.
William Blake, “Flagellation of a Female Samboe Slave,” 1795 in John Gabriel Stedman’s The Narrative of a Five Years Expedition against the Revolted Negroes of Surinam.
“What does the imperdent nigger mean, my love.” Edward Clay, “Life in Philadelphia”: A Dead Cut, published by S. Hart, 1829. Courtesy, American Antiquarian Society.
Ed Pompeian decenters U.S. History 101 by embedding the early republic in the context of hemispheric economies.
Rachel Tamar Van makes capitalism visible to students whose lives are deeply embedded in it.
Cathy Kelly, editor of the JER, welcomes you to The Panorama.
John Lauritz Larson discusses teaching how capitalism crept into American life in the nineteenth century.
Will Mackintosh, founding editor of The Panorama, reflects on this new digital venue.
Seth Cotlar recounts discussions of teaching at SHEAR, and how they led to the creation of The Panorama.